Michal Nosal

Coaches positions held: 
  • Saturday Club Coach: Group 3
  • Holiday Course Coach
  • After School Coach
Coaching Qualifications: 
  • F.A Level 1 & 2 Football
  • FA First Aid Trained
  • Child Protection and Best
  • Practice -Workshop
  • CRB Checked
  • Sports Diploma Level 1,2 & 3 Award
Favourite Football Team: 
Arsenal FC
Favourite Football Player: 
Alex Sanchez
Football, Films, Coaching,Music & Holidays
Spurs, cheats, bullying & Arsenal losing!!
Most Memorable Coaching Experience: 
Opportunity to work on the Target Sports Coaching' Saturday morning Academy coaching group 1. A real eye opener!!

Michal has returned to work for Target, after having been away for 2 years, but has again shown straight away how fantastic he is with the children he coaches. He is very patient when coaching a session, as well as being incredibly encouraging, motivating and therefore an inspiring coach. Michal is looking to gain plenty more qualifications in the near future to help improve his coaching ability and range of sports he currently teaches, as well as continuing to study to gain his coaching assessment badges which will enable him to take level 1 & 2 coaching courses for the FA.