'Born Too Soon': Adult 6 a-side Charity Football Tournament 2017

5th May 2017

This years Born Too Soon Charity Cup was held on Saturday 29th April and the weather was perfect. Nine teams in total entered, comprising of 6 players and 2 substitutes, each donating £100 to take part, although some generously gave more. The event started at 1pm and everyone was in the spirit of the day. The players warmed up whilst the opening speech was read, to explain the role the charity plays in our lives, and their friends and family found areas on the grass to sit and cheer on their teams. Many had kindly brought along cakes for us to sell on our cake stall which were a real hit with all but especially the children and contributed an impressive £175. The bouncy castle which had been lent to us for the day was in constant use and it helped increase the total by another £100. The Target Café sold hot and cold drinks, burgers and other snacks all afternoon and all proceeds went directly towards the Charity. The amount contributed by the Café was over £300. The grand total raised on the day including all of the above came to an impressive £1,638!! The 9 teams this year varied in both ability and age, ranging from 65 to 17 year olds. We had two dads teams made up of parents from our Saturday football academy, a Target coaches team, a team of 17 year old who used to be coached by Target nearly 10 years ago, and friends and family making up the other 5 teams. Each team played against each other in 12 minute matches meaning all had 8 fixtures to play, which proved to be very tiring for some of the senior players, and saw plenty of rolling substitutes used in every match. Every fixture was played in the right spirit of the day, but still very competitive throughout, with the odd goal being the margin between success and defeat. From the start 3 teams looked the strongest, Horton FC , Target FC and Who Ate All The Pies FC( although clearly not many pies had been eaten!!) as each won their first 3 games, but as the day went on the other teams managed to find ways of winning, making the whole league very tight from top to bottom. By the end when all the fixtures had been played out it was time to add up the points. There was only 3 points separating the team in 1st place to 4th place but by a single point Who Ate All The Pies took the winner’s cup from Target FC who were runners up for the second year in a row. Once the football finished at around 6pm, many players and their families gathered outside the pavilion to share a well-earned drink from the social club bar to discuss and analyse their team’s performance and vowed to come back next year, hopefully fitter and stronger!! Overall the day had a great atmosphere and a tremendous amount of money was raised for a great cause whilst having fun. Thank you to everyone who gave their time on the day to help make it run as smoothly as it did. It really was a lovely afternoon and we are already looking forward to holding the event again next year where hopefully we can raise even more money for ‘Born Too Soon’.