'Born Too Soon': Adult 6 a-side Charity Football Tournament 2017

This years Born Too Soon Charity Cup was held on Saturday 29th April and the weather was perfect. Nine teams in total entered, comprising of 6 players and 2 substitutes, each donating £100 to take part, although some generously gave more.

The event started at 1 pm and everyone was in the spirit of the day. The players warmed up whilst the opening speech was read, to explain the role the charity plays in our lives, and their friends and family found areas on the grass to sit and cheer on their teams. Many had kindly brought along cakes for us to sell on our cake stall which were a real hit with all but especially the children and contributed an impressive £175. The bouncy castle which had been lent to us for the day was in constant use and it helped increase the total by another £100. The Target Café sold hot and cold drinks, burgers and other snacks all afternoon and all proceeds went directly towards the Charity. The amount contributed by the Café was over £300. The grand total raised on the day including all of the above came to an impressive £1,638!!

The 9 teams this year varied in both ability and age, ranging from 65 to 17 year olds. We had two dads teams made up of parents from our Saturday football academy, a Target coaches team, a team of 17 year old who used to be coached by Target nearly 10 years ago, and friends and family making up the other 5 teams. Each team played against each other in 12 minute matches meaning all had 8 fixtures to play, which proved to be very tiring for some of the senior players, and saw plenty of rolling substitutes used in every match.

Every fixture was played in the right spirit of the day, but still very competitive throughout, with the odd goal being the margin between success and defeat. From the start 3 teams looked the strongest, Horton FC , Target FC and Who Ate All The Pies (although clearly not many pies had been eaten!!) as each won their first 3 games, but as the day went on the other teams managed to find ways of winning, making the whole league very tight from top to bottom. When all the fixtures had been played, it was time to add up the points. There was only 3 points separating the team in 1st place to 4th place but by a single point Who Ate All The Pies took the winner’s cup from Target FC who were runners up for the second year in a row. Once the football finished at around 6 pm, many players and their families gathered outside the pavilion to share a well earned drink from the Social Club bar to discuss and analyse their teams performance.

Feedback in the next few days was extremely positive but also comprised of light hearted moans about players sore legs, backs and tiredness, so it was lucky the event fell on a bank holiday weekend in order for bodies to recover however, all have vowed to come back next year, hopefully fitter, stronger and generally more physically prepared!

'Born Too Soon': Adult 6 a-side Charity Football Tournament 2016

Our Born Too Soon Annual adult charity 6 aside football tournament 2016 took place on Sunday 24th April. The day proved to be a huge success with 7 teams on the day. Each team played in a league format, then into the quarter finals, semi finals then the main event the Final. The standard once again was very high with every team giving their all. This years final was played between Target Older coaches V Toyota FC with Toyota winning in the end by 3 goals to 1. The day also had a fantastic atmosphere with support from many friends and family members cheering on the side lines. The cake sale run by one of daughters from Molesely Mavericks FC was a huge success raising over £100 and the Target Cafe made £160 on the day. Once all donations and entry fees were calculated the final amount raised on the day was £900!!!. A big thank you to everyone who made the day so wonderful, your kindness I'm sure will go along way to supporting our fantastic charity Born too Soon and the wonderful work they do. Michael Branch & Abigail Fogg. Finalists 2016

'Born Too Soon': Adult 5 a-side Charity Football Tournament 2014

This year’s charity adult 5 aside football tournament in aid of ‘Born Too Soon’ took place on April 26th at Raynes Park Sports Ground. We had 12 teams enter this year which we split into three leagues. The winning teams from each league then went into the semi-finals plus the best placed runner up across the three leagues. Both semi-finals were tight games with both Target Sports Coaching teams making it through to the final. In the final the younger Target coaches team (Target Tots) started the stronger but the older coaches team (Target Ball Teasers) managed to keep them at bay. The game then turned on its head with Target Ball Teasers scoring three quick break away goals. The second half was much the same with Target Ball Teasers allowing the Tots to have possession and then catching them on the break, scoring two more goals. The Tots then fought back scoring three goals late on but was not enough to stop Target Ball Teasers who became the tournament winners. The day as a whole had a great atmosphere with lots of friends & family coming along to support the players. The weather was fantastic and there was a high standard of matches throughout. We managed to raise a £1000 which included team entry fees, generous individual donations and profits from the Target Cafe which will help support what is a great Charity. A big thank you to all who attended and help make the day a great success. We look forward to next year’s tournament which will hopefully be bigger and raise even more money for ‘Born Too Soon’.

'Born Too Soon': Adult 5 a-side Charity Football Tournament 2012

On 20th October 2012 Target Sports Coaching held an adult 5 a-side football tournament for parents of the children who attend our coaching courses. It was held at Raynes Park Sports Ground between 1 - 6pm and was attended by over 200 people and 14 teams were entered (including a Target coaches team) in order to help raise funds for 'Born Too Soon'. The charity provides state of the art equipment and special touches for families whose babies are either born premature or ill at Kingston Hospital Neonatal Unit, and can help make life easier during such a frightening time. The chosen charity is extremely close to our hearts as our daughter Georgia (pictured above) was born 10 weeks early weighing just 2lb 14oz. She is now doing amazingly well with no signs of her premature entrance to this world.

We wanted a way of thanking the staff and neonatal unit for all their help we recieved and thought a fundraiser through a football tournament would be a great way to do so. The day raised over £1,500 and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A children's bouncy castle, an inflatable speed cage & Target Cafe were also running on the day, where all takings were put towards to final total raised. We would like to thank everybody who was involved on the day, and a special thank you to all the volunteers who helped us make the occassion memorable and a huge success