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Multisports Coaching

All our multisport coaching sessions are created in line with National Curriculum Key Stages 1 & 2 learning guidelines, and based on the L.T.A.D model and its development stages (see 'Our Aims' page).

Tag Rugby

Our syllabus & sessions are devised from the RFU Tag Rugby manual and include passing a ball, kicking, attacking & scoring a try, the tag, knock-on, offside and principles of play. Read more


Our syllabus & sessions are devised through the F.A and concentrates on developing a child's fundamental core skills (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination & Speed) through fun games, as well as learning basic football techniques & skills needed for a competitive game. Read more


Our syllabus & sessions are created from UKA & ESAA guidelines. Our coaching aims to teach the basis elements of athletics such as running, jumping & throwing, and sessions aim to stimulate interest in athletics and boost self-esteem. Read more


Our syllabus & sessions are created though MBE (mini basketball england) under the England Basketball governing body. Read more


Our syllabus & sessions are devised from the ECB which have specific coaching education plan guidelines for child introductory cricket. We support the game of 'Kwik Cricket' which is a simpler game for all boys & girls from 5 years of age upwards and the emphasis is always on participation and enjoyment. Read more


Our syllabus is created through the EHB and session plans are adapted from 'Sport Plan Pro Plans'. The field hockey skills we coach include; passing, dribbling, shooting, tacking, control, turning and match play.